The "Son of Man" returns to find the world less-than-ready to receive him.  Rather than blasting humanity to oblivion, he instead moves in with two twentysomething bachelors.



Level-headed and optimistic, but a bit of a know-it-all. Rookie pastor serving her first congregation. Younger sister to Jude.


Chances are good that Immanuel Incognito will eventually offend you.  Perhaps it already has.  You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion and theological views and have the right to express discontent if you choose to do so.  However, the key guiding principles of this comic strip are the beliefs that God has a sense of humor and that it’s good to laugh at ourselves and even the things we often take most seriously (like our beliefs and faith practices).  The aim is not to anger or discourage anyone, but rather to bless, challenge, and amuse those of us who give our lives to following Jesus.

Immanuel Incognito currently appears in the monthly periodical, the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate (


Short for "Immanuel." Living undercover amongst humanity.


Narrow-minded and highly religious. Often wields his beliefs as a weapon. Older brother to Felicity and best friend to Ike (in spite of their conflicting views).


Cynical and sarcastic. Generally open-minded, but jaded towards religion. Best friend to Jude, even if he doesn't understand him.


Stoic and somewhat apathetic. Archangel of battle assigned

to serve as "Manny's" personal bodyguard.