Fishing in the Shallow End

Man, I’m glad I don’t see that much of this any more.

When I first wrote this joke, it was a regular occurrence on popular social media sites for folks to post pictures with captions that essentially bullied the reader into agreeing with them. The wording varied from post to post, but the underlying message was the same: If you didn’t “like,” “share,” “comment,” etc. the post then you were a horrible person. One of my personal favorites read, “‘Like’ if you love Grandma; Ignore if you want Grandma to die.” Seriously?

Unfortunately, that trend seemed especially popular among Christians- ultimately leading to posts with wording similar to what you see in the comic above. That type of post angered me- in part because I don’t like bullies and don’t want to be bullied or manipulated- but mostly because they attempted to reduce my faith to a simple click of a mouse. Those posts essentially tried to convince me (and everyone else who read them) that God’s love for me as well as my integrity as a follower of Christ hinged upon my endorsement of an insipid phrase and generic image on a social media site.

Is God really that shallow? Is God’s love for us really so small? What’s more, do we really think that the world will be changed and that lives will be transformed simply by having people read some words that we only shared because we felt guilty? Folks, the only message that such actions send is that we are lazy, confused and spiritually immature.

In short, cut it out. And if you’re really interested in publicly declaring the depth of your faith, try speaking through actions that require more than simply flexing your index finger.


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