An Age-Old Question


Honestly, I have been asked that question before…a number of times actually.

And yes, I’ve made my fair share of “lint/Lent” jokes.

There’s not a whole lot of deep theology behind this strip, just my personal belief that many Christians don’t take Lent very seriously. I’m not saying it’s not okay to give up chocolate, or sodas, or something like that for Lent, but we need to take time to honestly examine what such sacrifices mean to us and what we’re hoping to accomplish by making them. If giving up those things helps to draw us closer to God, then it’s worth our time to deny ourselves in that way. If not, then perhaps we need to re-evaluate how we’re choosing to observe the season that is supposed to bring us to our knees before the Cross of Christ.

In short, if our Lenten sacrifice gets tossed away and forgotten as soon as Easter arrives, we may be wasting our time and trivializing Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. Lint is disposable; Lent is not. Thanks for reading.


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