The Walking Bread (of Life)

Everybody loves zombies, right?


Actually, I’m not a huge zombie fan, but the version of “Manny” in panel 3 of this strip is one of my favorite images that I’ve created in a long time.

The original plan for Immanuel Incognito was to use simple-looking characters with a limited number of expressions to make it easier to produce strips quickly, but also to soften any potentially offensive or button-pushing punchlines. However, as I’ve gotten more comfortable with the artstyle it’s become easier for me to add a bit more character to the…well, characters. In short, I feel like the strip as a whole is progressively reflecting more of who I am and my own brand of humor (for better or worse).

Speaking of which, evidently nothing says “Happy Easter” like a zombie joke. So…Happy Easter!

And, as always, thanks for looking!


#zombie #brains #manny #ike #jude #Lazarus

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