My faith tradition is sometimes not so good at Easter.


The pastor at the United Methodist Church I attended on Easter Sunday said what I have thought and said many times: We are often better at honoring Lent than we are at celebrating Easter. Basically, we know how to do gloom and doom better than we do joy and elation. I’ve seen that epitomized in how we talk about Jesus. If someone asks us, “Who is Jesus?,” the go-to response for most of us is, “He died on the cross for us.” Only a few of us would continue the story by saying, “And then he rose from the dead.” Why are we so inclined to leave out the most important part? For as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15, if Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead the entirety of our faith would be worthless.

Fortunately, as Felicity points out for us in this strip, we have 50 days in which to make up for our oversight. God has blessed us with a season to celebrate Jesus’ triumph over sin and even death itself. No, we won’t have awesome Easter candy to go with it, but resurrection and new life are definitely worthy substitutes.

May your Easter season be blessed. Thanks for looking!


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