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My family loves Frozen.

I appreciate the humor and beautiful animation. My son likes the music and the annoying little snowman. I think my wife’s favorite part was the twist on the typical Disney portrayal of love.

Not to ruin the story for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet, but rather than focusing primarily on a love story between a guy and a girl (typical Disney fare) the plot ends up being more about the love between sisters. We both found this refreshing, as we’ve long agreed that the stereotypical Disney princess “I must find my one true love” storylines are overdone, unrealistic, and probably damaging to the young people who grow up inundated with that mentality.

Nonetheless, as neat as it is to see Disney finally poke fun at themselves and the potentially misleading concept of love that they’ve long perpetuated (“you can’t marry someone you just met!”), it’s occurs to me that we’ve heard this emphasis on sisterly (and brotherly) love before. Yes, love is (and always has been) the answer. It’s not a new idea, nor is it exclusive to the Christian faith, but I do think that Jesus understood and said it best.

So give the man some credit, will ya?

Thanks for looking!


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