In One Ear...

So. Many. Times.


Seriously, this kind of thing occurred on a regular basis during my time serving churches. I’m actually pretty sure I had this exact conversation at one point.

We’re all imperfect people serving a perfect God who often sets the bar pretty high, but it amazes me how oblivious we can be to our own hypocrisy. A key element of spiritual maturity is self-awareness and recognizing our own flaws. We all struggle with becoming who God calls us to be. Learning to listen not just to what God tries to tell us (through the Bible, pastors, teachers, etc.) but also to what comes out of our own mouths could go a long way towards helping us achieve that goal.

If nothing else, it’ll save our pastors the headaches caused by all of those facepalms.


#church #felicity #gossip #churchmember #hypocrisy

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