"X" Marks the Spat


It happens every year.

Many Christians will flock to social media to “battle back” against the “war on Christmas” supposedly perpetuated by our culture. A lot of the anxiety will revolve around whether or not folks say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” but inevitably someone will see or hear “Xmas” and mistakenly assume that Jesus has been uninvited from his own birthday celebration. Of course, this will then provoke some know-it-all pastor (like me) to respond with a lecture about Church history and Greek letters. Problem solved!..at least until we do it all again next year.

Honestly, it seems that many Christians have a bit of a “Messiah complex” when it comes to Christmas and its treatment in popular culture. For whatever reason, we’ve decided that it’s up to us to “save Christmas” (I’m looking at you, Mr. Cameron). The irony of that mentality is that we don’t save Christmas….Christmas saves us. That is why Jesus came and why the holiday is worth celebrating in the first place. As Relient K puts it in their song, I Celebrate the Day: “I celebrate the day that you were born to die so one day I might pray for you to save my life.”

If we truly believe what we claim to believe about Christmas, perhaps instead of spending so much time getting needlessly riled up over perceived slights to “our” holiday we could instead focus on living lives that reflect that we have indeed been “saved.” No one can take Christ out of Christmas. We can, however, show the world that the love of Christ truly lives in us.


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