Amazed and Confused


I’ve had moments like this one myself (without the tears, of course).

Preaching a new and (hopefully) interesting sermon every week is tough, and it’s made tougher when no one seems to be listening to what you’re saying. Yes, it’s incumbent upon the preacher to present her/his message in engaging ways, but even the best preachers don’t stand a chance if the congregants aren’t doing their part as well. There’s so many factors that can potentially cause distractions that sometimes it is genuinely surprising when anyone remembers what has been said.

So if you’re looking for something to commit to during Lent (or any other time of year), consider really paying attention to what your pastor says the next time you hear her/him preach and then comment on it to her/him a week or 2 later. Chances are good that you’ll not only surprise her/him, but you’ll make her/his day as well.


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