Nazorean Dynamite

I can’t stand this hymn, but it makes for a fun comic.

I’m guessing that most folks won’t get the Napoleon Dynamite reference, but hopefully they can still enjoy the joke. Honestly, I wasn’t really a fan of that movie, but I feel like it fits with the ridiculousness of the hymn pretty well. Yeah yeah, I know some folks love “Lord of the Dance,” but every time I sing it I cringe on the inside. I mean, do we really need to sound all cheery while singing about Jesus being beaten and crucified? And I don’t care if the hymn did come first, I can’t see “Lord of the Dance” without thinking of Irish cloggers.

Sorry, Jesus, but that title suits Michael Flatley much better.


#ike #jude #manny #NapoleonDynamite #dance #Lordofthedance

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