Truth in Advertising


Churches, I’m only hard on you because I love you.

Let me be clear: 75% of the people I’ve encountered in churches have been awesome, and about 24% have at least been pretty decent. It’s that remaining 1% that tend to ruin it for everyone else.

For whatever reason, it’s that 1% that complain the loudest, expect the most, and usually contribute the least (financially and spiritually). And sadly, those 1% folks often run amok because the other 99% are too intimidated, too apathetic, or just not equipped to deal with them.

So, 99% people, this comic is for you. You’re the majority. You’re there for the right reasons. You have the power to out-vote, redirect, and (if need be) silence the voices of the 1% trying to devalue, distract, dishearten, and perhaps even destroy your pastor(s) and church staff. The job description in this comic is an intentionally exaggerated joke, but I guarantee you that there are pastors and church staff out there for which that description is a reality…or at least they’ve been made to feel that way.

Please take time this week (and every week) to pray for your pastor(s) and church staff, those servant leaders who give more than you know in the hopes that you might experience God more fully.

They might never ask for it (or expect it), but your encouragement, support, and gratitude could make a world of difference.


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