Thus Saith the Dad

Mother’s Day can be tricky.

For those who don’t have a positive mother-figure in their lives, Mother’s Day can be a source of anxiety, pain, depression, and a host of other negative emotions. If that’s you, I pray that you will find peace and comfort today, and that you will know that you are deeply loved by God (who displays traits of both fathers and mothers).

For those who do have at least one positive mother-figure in their lives, I hope that you’ll take the time to honor her/them and to thank God for blessing you in that way.

In short- if you can- call your mother.

And for those who consider such a phone call to be difficult, at least your mom isn’t the Virgin Mary. I mean, what must her expectations be like?

Thanks for looking, and thank God for mother-figures who positively impact lives every day.


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