(Un)Natural Election


This one’s for all of the United Methodist clergy and lay persons enjoying (suffering through?) the privilege of participating in General Conference elections.

As Annual Conference approaches, many of us have probably already received numerous letters, emails, and even Facebook messages from folks hoping to be elected as representatives to General Conference in 2016. A number of my clergy friends (whom I love and will support) have done so, and unsurprisingly those letters have been well-written and positive. Being me, though, I couldn’t help but wonder what it might look like if General Conference campaigning resembled the trashy ads we’ll all soon be subjected to as part of the next Presidential Election.

Hopefully this comic is the only example we’ll ever see.

Regardless, please be in prayer for those who’ll be voting, those who’ll be elected (or not), and for everyone involved in the process. God knows we’ll need it.


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