False Profit


I’m pretty sure this happened to me last semester.

I don’t really preach during worship services at Wesley but instead try to engage my students in interactive discussions. Every now and then, though, I find myself offering a “mini sermon” in an attempt to drive home a point at the end of a service. On one such occasion I noticed one of the students constantly writing in a notebook as I spoke. Since that pretty much never happens, I was pleasantly surprised at the notion that she liked what I had to say so much that she wanted to write it down. It was a nice ego boost, and I concluded that service feeling pretty good about myself.

As for what was in that notebook- I’ll probably never know, but my message made such a strong impression on that student that she evidently decided that she didn’t need to attend any more of our services for the rest of the semester.

“Best. Sermon. Ever,” indeed.


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