Breaking the Roles

I never completely understood the term “jack of all trades” until I became a pastor.

Unless a pastor has served large congregations/ministries all of his/her career, he/she has most likely at some point served in every role that it takes to make a church/ministry function. Sometimes that’s because the pastor simply wants to help out, and other times it’s because there just isn’t anyone else willing and/or able to do the job. Either way, your pastor most likely could list on his/her resume experience as a youth group leader, counselor, hospital chaplain, cheerleader, and motivational speaker- and that’d still only be a small portion of what he/she has done to serve your church/ministry.

Yes, most pastors (and church staff members, too!) probably do more than you realize, and most of them probably won’t ever point that out or ask you to thank them. That doesn’t mean that you have to ignore their efforts, though. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. What do you have planned to thank the persons who serve you and your church/ministry?


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