Peekaboo Pastor

Your pastor is NOT your employee.

I’m fairly sure that church folks would complain less and accomplish more as congregations if more of those folks better understood the roles of their pastors and church staff members. Yes, we pay the salaries of our pastors and church staff, but not because they work for us. Rather, we provide for them financially as part of upholding our end of the covenant we enter into with them as servant leaders of our congregations. They covenant with us and God to lead and guide our churches and we provide for their needs so that they can continue to provide that leadership and guidance.

It might sound like a relatively small shift in thinking, but in practice it has tremendous consequences. After all, how might it change the way you relate to your pastor if you stop thinking of him or her as someone who works for you and instead see him or her as your spiritual leader who ultimately works for God? How might it improve your church staff members’ ability to serve and direct the ministries of your church if you wholeheartedly acknowledge their authority and trust in their leadership? What good could your congregation accomplish if church members abandon the suspicion and tendency to micromanage that consume so much energy and stunt spiritual growth and instead give your spiritual leaders the freedom and support they need to follow where God is leading them?

If nothing else, Pastor/Staff Parish and Church Elder meetings would be a lot more pleasant.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. What better way to appreciate your pastor and church staff than to stop playing peekaboo and to instead trust in their ability to lead your church?


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