Call and Response

Sometimes I create comics as personal therapy, and sometimes I create them to give voice to other pastors. This one serves both purposes.

An old Burlap to Cashmere song asked the questions, “Is there anybody out there? Does anybody care?” As a pastor serving local churches, I often found myself asking those questions myself, particularly after seemingly well-received sermons ended up producing few (if any) tangible results among my congregation members. In fact, my greatest struggle throughout my career has been coping with a sometimes overwhelming sense of disillusionment.

No, things have not been how I thought they would be.

And while I can’t speak for your pastor, I’ve heard enough of my colleagues describe similar experiences to convince me that many (if not all) pastors struggle with the same feelings at least occasionally.

So what’s the solution? I don’t know, but I do know that your pastor needs support, encouragement, and to hear how his or her ministry has positively impacted your life.


#felicity #church #churchmembers #changetheworld #sermon #expectation #reality

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