Meet and Grief

Church meetings can be the WORST.

Sure, it sounds like a good idea at the start-“let’s get together to plan and make decisions about the future of the church!”- but such gatherings many times devolve into petty squabbles about things that have nothing to do with building up the Kingdom of God (such as the color of the carpet in the sanctuary). By that time nobody’s having fun (except perhaps those who thrive on conflict), but for pastors who are genuinely excited for the future of their churches those situations can be soul-killing. Surely God will forgive us for our that chartreuse paint job in the youth room if we’re making disciples of young people in there, right?

So the next time you’re sitting in a church meeting thinking about complaining or arguing about something please first stop and consider whether your comments will serve God and your church or whether they’ll just serve your personal agenda. And if you discover it’s just about you, do everyone a favor and humbly bite your tongue. Your pastor might not even realize what you’ve done (or rather not done), but I promise that you’ll have been a blessing to him or her (as well as everyone else in the room).


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