Hope on the Horizon


I once heard it said that every Sunday should be seen as a “mini Easter.”

In other words, every Sunday should be seen as an opportunity to joyously proclaim that sickness, tragedy, suffering, death, and all of the other horrible things we deal with in this life don’t have the last word- they don’t win.

No, that victory belongs to Jesus- the one who rose again to conquer sin and death and to prove once and for all that God is mightier than anything that comes against us.

This Sunday is Easter, but it’s not the only day out of the year that we need to reclaim and cling to the hope that we can only find in Jesus Christ.

There’s no denying that we live in a scary world filled with darkness and that good news often seems like a rare commodity. There are days when the brokenness of the world seems too much to bear. Yes, some days it seems like our hopes and dreams have been crucified and buried.

Thanks be to God that Sunday is coming.

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