Eyes on the Skies

Sometimes it feels like Chicken Little is running for president.


“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” ISIS! Immigrants! Refugees! The words are different, but the sentiment is the same. Our current pool of candidates have purposefully cultivated a culture of fear, encouraging all of us to constantly look over our shoulders for the next big threat to our safety and freedom. Like doomsayers standing on street corners, they loudly proclaim, “The end is nigh!” all the while desperately hoping that we will look to them to save us.

Thanks be to God, then, that our hope is not in politicians, but rather in the King who chose a cross instead of a throne. Thanks be to God that we have a Shepherd who meets us in the midst of chaos and calmly proclaims, “Peace be with you.” Thanks be to God for a Savior who died and rose again to show us that fear and evil and death do not have the last word and that grace, mercy, and hope will ultimately prevail.

Our politicians would have us look to the sky to glimpse our impending doom.

I hope you’ll join me in looking for Jesus instead.


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