Anticlimactic Apocalypse

Customizer CSSThe idea for this strip- and by extension the entire comic- was simple: If Jesus returned today, would any of us even notice? After all, how much time do we spend with our noses buried in our smart phones (or other distractions)? I’m as guilty as anyone else, a fact that is also at the heart of what this comic strip is really all about.


The plan is to offer some commentary/criticism on some of the problems I’ve experienced (and contributed to) within the Church (and/or Christianity in general), to poke fun at some of the trends I find amusing/aggravating, and hopefully to have fun along the way. Chances are I’ll eventually offend someone…possibly you. If/when that happens, my hope is that you’ll remember that even though I make jokes my faith and my commitment to serving God are things I take very seriously.

In short, I love Jesus, too…but I also believe we get into trouble when we’re not willing to laugh at ourselves and our own flawed humanity.

Now that that’s out of the way, thanks for taking the time to look at my work. My hope is that you’ll be blessed by what you find here.


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